Bruno VPL-3100

In addition to a full line of Straight Rail and Custom Curved Rail Stairlifts, Bruno’s Home Accessibility Division produces Vertical Platform Lifts.  Designed and built by Bruno’s master craftsmen, a Vertical Platform Lift provides a rugged, reliable and affordable solution for individuals and caregivers who need assisted access to a porch or deck.

Simplicity of design and operation are at the core of the VPL-3100 family, a safe, dependable lift with an array of standard features. Offered at an attractive price range for virtually any consumer, Bruno’s VPLs adhere to our commitment to quality while delivering another category of solutions “for your independence.”

Standard Features Include:

  • Automatic self-lowering folding ramp
  • 750 lb lifting capacity
  • 14 feet maximum floor to floor height (Model VPL-3153 and VPL-3175)
  • Separate up and down push-button switches with key switch control
  • Spring sensitive bottom plate shuts unit down when obstruction is encountered
  • Solenoid actuated braking at the landings
  • Welded steel tubular guide construction with formed 16 GA sheet steel guarding

Optional Features Include:

  • Top landing gate includes call/send controls with key and mechanical interlock
  • Manual hand crank lowering provided via top cap
  • A Cold Weather Package for existing or new VPLs, tested to improve performance to -20º F
  • Removable “stay-dry” Platform Canopy
  • Platform Gate, a full 42″ high, to provide added safety and security – includes electrical/mechanical interlock that releases when platform reaches lower landing
  • 90º/Adjacent Platform
  • Push button or Paddle Controls on the unit
  • Push button or Paddle Landing Controls

Battery Powered Option:

  • Bruno offers added peace of mind with our battery powered Vertical Platform Lift.
  • Your life doesn’t stop when the power goes out – now your VPL doesn’t have to stop either!
  • Our battery powered VPL provides access in and out of your home even during a power outage.

For the consumer who insists upon performance and reliability, the Bruno VPL-3100 offers the perfect solution for home accessibility needs.