Sterling 950

The new Sterling 950 stairlift has been designed to be both easy on the eye and the purse. It’s loaded with features and benefits usually found on lifts costing significantly more.

A large, comfortable swivel seat will transport you in comfort on your stairs and no matter where you park the lift, the constant charging feature means it is always ready for the next journey. The slim aluminum track takes up minimal room on the stairs leaving room for others.

Its clever design means your 950 can be installed in less than an hour it so it won’t take long before you’re traveling your stairs with ease again.

  • Luxury seat: The ergonomically designed Luxury seat comes as standard on the Sterling 101 and 202. With a number of unique and thoughtful features the seat makes using the lift simple, safe, and comfortable. With a choice of upholstery colors it will also look good in your home. A safety belt is fitted for users requiring more support and safety as they ride.
  • SpaceSaver™ seat: The unique Sterling SpaceSaver™ seat is designed for use on stairs that are narrow and/or where the user is particularly tall. The seat has more depth and can be fitted slightly closer to the wall but still offer the same great features and benefits of the Luxury seat.
  • Perch Seat: If sitting and standing presents difficulty or a user has limited hip and knee flexion the Sterling perch seat enables the user to still enjoy the benefits of a Sterling lift. The user rides in a more upright position with the safety belt offering extra security if required.
  • Comfortable Armrests: Every aspect of the Sterling range has been thoughtfully designed and the armrests on the seat are no exception. The smooth rounded end-caps are slightly angled down so rising from the chair is both easy and comfortable
  • Operating Toggle: The operating toggle on all Sterling 101 and 202’s has been thoughtfully designed to be simple and easy to use regardless of your needs. Even those who suffer from painful conditions such as arthritis will find it easier to use than other types of switch especially as it can be swapped from each side if needed. The switch is also built to withstand the rigors of daily life unlike some competitors products that are prone to breaking off from the slightest knock. Underneath the switch is a locking mechanism that enables you to prevent unauthorized use of your lift, especially useful if there are children in the house.
  • Seat Belt: The Sterling lift is very safe but some users prefer or need a little more security. For that reason every seat comes with a safety belt as standard.
  • Seat Swivel: Sterling’s swivel mechanism is operable from both sides of the seat and works by either lifting or pushing down on the lever. A unique power swivel option is available for extra convenience. By simply maintaining pressure on the operating toggle at the top of the stairs the chair will automatically swivel round to face the landing.
  • Remote Control: Your Sterling stairlift can be controlled with an attractive remote unit (as standard). This enables you to call the lift if it is parked at the other end of the stairs or to control it while another person rides. The power hinge option is also controlled with the remote unit.
  • Safety Sensors: Your safety is our number one concern. If anything should block the path of your Sterling stairlift safety sensors will stop the unit. Only when the object is removed will the unit continue on its journey.
  • Power Footrest: This unique option will automatically fold the footrest as you lift the front seat section.
  • Color Choice: Sterling lifts were designed to look good in your home. With a choice of four colors the seat will complement your decor. You can even change the color at a later date if you wish.
Convenient & Easy to Use
  • DC power with charging anywhere on the track – no more dead batteries!
  • Unique Sterling control switch – ideal for users with limited dexterity
  • Comfortable padded swivel seat with folding arms
  • Diagnostic display for quick assessment and resolution of technical issues
  • Two remote controls
Compact Design
  • Slim aluminum rail takes up little room on stairs
  • Only 11” from wall when folded
  • Zero top track intrusion kit available
  • 265lb (120kg) max user weight
  • Key lock prevents unauthorized use of lift
  • Safety edges will stop the lift in the event of an obstruction
  • ASME 18.1 compliant


Footplate Height Parked: 2.0 inches (50 mm)
Seat to top of footplate:15.5-19.5 inches (390-490 mm)
Track intrusion into staircase from wall: 6.25 inches (160 mm)
Top track intrusion: 6 inches (150 mm)
Bottom track intrusion: 11 inches (275 mm)
Swivel radius: 26.75 inches (680 mm)
Unit intrusion from wall folded: 11.25 inches (285 mm)
Minimum staircase width: 26.75 inches (680 mm)
Wall to back: 3 inches (75 mm)
Arm to arm internal dimension: 19 inches (480 mm)
Standard rated load: 340 lbs (156 kg)
Minimum rail angle - no platform: 53°
Minimum rail angle: 27°
Maximum track angle: 50°